Worship & Baptism Night

A NIGHT OF (1) (1)


Our next physical gathering for the summer will be an outdoor worship & baptism night at Widward Beach in Brick with Alive Again Alliance Church. 

  • Aug. 23rd @ 6pm.  
  • Be prudent and respect others’ wanting to socially distance. 
  • For those most vulnerable or living with someone who is, please wear a mask as an indicator to keep extra distance. We will have a special “extra safe” zone for you to worship in. 
  • We will also have three colors of bracelets: Green (which means I'm good to hug and get close), Yellow (which means I don't know how I feel so I'm a bit cautious) and Red (which means I'm being very cautious so please respect my desire for distance). 
  • And get there early!