Mission from Spain

Scot and Camille King run a program every sponsored by the non-profit organization Intercultural Friends Foundation (IFF) where they bring over Spanish students for an exchange program. The students, ages 14 the 17, desire to improve their English and learn about American culture.  They want to live with and become part of an American family for the short time they are here (end of June thru end of July).  They have classes during the day and a number of activities throughout their visit.

One night one of the host parents was sharing about Jesus to one of the students.  During the conversation the student remarked, “Why haven’t I ever heard this before, and why isn’t there anything like this in Spain?”

This is the very reason that we bring the students over from Spain. This may be the only time that they ever hear about the Lord. We hope that you would consider opening your heart and your home to a young person this year to be a host family. Please prayerfully consider making an impact for Christ on one of these young lives. If you’d like to learn more about hosting family, even for a portion of time, please contact Scot and Camille King at 732-892-2571 or email at Scot4Camille@Gmail.com