Peacemakers in a Divided Culture - Pt. 1: Racism & Lament (video)

Our culture is divided in so many ways. 

We are divided over political parties, political philosophies, views on sex & sexuality; there are socio-econmic disparities and disagreements about how to fix those disparities. 

And all of us wants to be on the side of right.

But in order to feel like we're on the side of right, we have a tendency to demonize others, furthering that divide. 

God has called His church, however, to be different. He has called his people to be a city on a hill in the midst of a broken nation and broken world.

He has called all Christ-followers --black, brown, yellow, white and red; political liberals and conservatives and independents  -- to be Kingdom people, proclaimers of God’s glorious riches, PEACE-MAKERS in a divided culture. 

Starting with racial prejudice.