Pay It Forward Stories

payitforwardThursday, April 28, 2016 was International Pay It Forward Day and we took the whole week to spread blessings all over the community. Here are some stories of people. Let's keep it going!

Today, she (my coworker) ordered lunch to be delivered to the office - I paid for it and gave her the card - she was almost crying and I told her "Jesus loves you and so do I!" (it wasn't awkward, she knows I'm corny!)

I was in a bank and the teller was talking about how hard it is to save money and live in New Jersey -so I handed him $10 with the card from true life and said I'd like to buy you lunch today! He was flabbergasted!

Just a few days before Sunday I was out to dinner. We were at the Japanese restaurant and there was a mother and two grown children at the other end of the table. I was just moved in some way. I went to the waitress and told her I was going to pay for their meal. God moved me to pay it forward for the blessings I have in my life.

I gave a 20 and the card to the cashier at a Liquor Store and told him to use it for the woman behind me. As I drove away I found myself praying for her.

One of my co-workers is going thru a rough time. One of her 3 children is autistic. He is 6 and is having a really hard time which is making the family situation really stressful......I purchased a Visa gift card. I gave her a card letting her know that she isn't alone. Her little boy loves pizza so I mentioned she could use the money anyway she needed. Maybe getting him pizza one night for dinner. I also said not to feel selfish if she used it for a pedicure or something just for herself. Thank you for putting a smile on her face. It really made her feel like she isn't alone in this situation.

In terms of pay it forward...... I got the $20 bill yesterday at church. So this morning when I got to my first toll booth I told the man I'd like to pay for myself and the next 13 cars. I only had 8 cards. I found myself praying for the people on the parkway with me. I know it's only $1.50, but I hope the thought and intention will touch someone today.