Parents, We Got Your Back

Parents, during this time we want to support you as much as possible. Below is a list of resources that our team put together. Check 'em out! 


1. To Help You Talk With Your Child About the Pandemic

Navigating the Pandemic With Your Kids

Explaining Covid 19 To Children 


2. Lessons From Our Team 

Consider picking a consistent time and day each week to watch one of these lessons. Some are produced from outside, and some are put together from familiar faces in our church community while in quarantine. 

Don't Worry (for elementaary-age kids)

Daniel in the Lion's Den (for pre-K thru 3rd grade)  

Palm Sunday (for pre-schoolers)

Palm Sunday (for elemenatry-age kids)

David & Goliath (pre-K thru 3rd grade)

Easter Story (for elementary kids)

Easter Story (for Pre-schoolers)

We Are Disciples, Too (for Pre-Schoolers)


3. Right Now Media

Like a netflix library, Right Now Media has a bunch of great devotions and studies for the whole family. Request free access using our True Life code by emailing 


4Story Online

Beautifully produced videos of children's books read aloud by famous actors. 


5. Bible App For Kids

An app with illustrated, narrated Bible stories, plus interactive games to go with each one.


6Phys Ed with Joe

Quick 5-minute high energy workouts kids can do at home.

7. Making Cards for Assisted Living Homes

One way to bless those around us is to write out cards and drawings to mail to two different facilities who have asked (one of them is the one we serve regularly in Brick, and the other is where one of our members works). 

You can mail them directly to:

The Chelsea Assisted Living Home                                                                       

458 Jack Martin Blvd. in Brick, NJ 08724                                                               

Attn: Judy Riveraor


United Methodist Communities                                                                       

Briston Glen                                                                                                         

200 Bristol Glen Dr.                                                                                           

Newton, NJ 0786                                                                                                 

Attn: Jeff Lisk