Our Leadership

The below list does not inlcude all the leaders in our church (click here to see our current Life Group leaders), or all the invaluable volunteers that sacrifice week in and week out to serve our church community and the larger community our church is seeking to impact. 

Rather, below is our Pastoral Team -- both paid and volunteer staff-- who are managing the various pastoral ministries of our church; and our Executive Team, who are determining the boundaries and direction of our resource as well as holding Pastor Chris accountable for ministry goals and how he leads the church. 



This team includes our licensed pastors, paid staff and volunteer staff who oversee the ministries and day-to-day operations of our community. They report directly to our Lead Pastor, help strategize the most effective ways to fulfill our church's vision, and are the direct points of contact for most of our church's needs. 



Chris Francis - Lead Pastor (chris@truelifenj.com)



jess website 

Jess Dawdy - Assimilation & Care Director (JessD@truelifenj.com)



justin website

Justin Garden - Youth Director (Justin@truelifenj.com)


mandy website

Mandy Mercado - Creative Arts Director (amandalee41980@yahoo.com)



rigo website

Rigo Mercado - Associate Pastor (Rigo@truelifenj.com)


shea website

Shea Oakley - Associate Pastor (ancientskies1@safeaccess.com)



pam website

Pam Hess - Local Missions Coordinator (pamhess67@gmail.com)





Nancy Miszczenski (Nancy@truelifenj.com)




This is our legal board which is responsible for providing oversight to our budget and resources, as well as holding our lead pastor accountable to fulfilling the goals set for our church. This team is made up of the spiritually mature men and women who are seen by our church as spiritual fathers / older brothers (what Scripture calls elders in 1 Timothy 3:1-7) and spiritual mothers / older sisters (Titus 2:3), and who are also competent in the gifts necessary for this team. Each member serves a two-year term and is voted on at our annual membership meeting. 


Bob Daber -  (bdaber01@gmail.com) 



Scot King - (scot4camille@gmail.com)


steve dawdy2

Steve Dawdy -  (stephendawdy@gmail.com)



Cindy Dornacker  -  (cdornacker@yahoo.com)



Christine Aylett (craylett@gmail.com)



Rob Allen -  (allendrobert@gmail.com)