Prayer Thursdays

"Prayer is the primary work of God's people." 

That's what we believe.

God, in his sovereignty, has ordained that the prayers of regular people like you and I can change things. They can change circumstances, they can change hearts, they can change destinies. 

One way we put this belief into practice is by gathering together online during this pandemic to pray for healing, for protection, for provision, for comfort, for peace, and for the gospel of Jesus to go forth unhindered by econimc shut-downs. 

We now have two ways to gather for prayer - one oneline at 12pm, and one in-person at 9am.

Online Prayer (2)

Click here for the zoom link. 



*Bring a mask. 




Even if you can't join us for one of our gatherings, you can still join us in making prayer a priority. You'll get an email from April Walters every Thursday morning with a list of things we're asking God to do. Then you would take some time Thursday morning or at lunch time or in the evening (whenever you can) to go to God in prayer.

Many of us on the list are also fasting during this time - skipping one or two meals, our morning coffee, sweets, whatever -- to let the physical cravings fuel our spiritual hunger for God's presence in our lives and his power over our circumstances.

To submit a prayer request, get on the list, or for more info, just email April Walters ( or click here.