Tetezi Foundation


Art and Becky Livingston and The Tetezi Foundation work in the rural community of Rumuruti, a village that is poor and tribal even for Kenyan standards. The Foundation's goal is to fight poverty through education. They are providing solar lanterns to the community to help children study, learn, and read during the night. And this in turn can help to change their future!

During their last trip to Kenya one of these solar lights made a huge impact with one of the students they support, Moses Erupe. Because he had this light he was able to use it to study. Because of studying he was able to get exam grades high enough for entrance into a National Level School, Maralal High School (there are only 103 National Level High Schools in Kenya). Even though he was accepted he lacked the finances to attend and the Foundation was also able to help with this, getting him enrolled in the school.  Now he has an excellent opportunity for a great future, all because of a solar light.

"True Life ‘ASANTE SANA’ (thank-you very much) for your generosity in raising funds for the solar light project. We raised about $700 which will be used to purchase about 70 solar lights. Please know we will make every effort to document and share this project so that True Life Church will be able to see how their generosity had a direct positive impact." -- Art Livingston