Justice for the Unborn

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It is of foremost importance to state up front that the gospel we trust in is that "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost." (1 Timothy 1:15). 

In other words, being "pro-life" or being against abortion is not what saves us or makes us righteous in God's sight. There are people who are pro-life, who stand against abortion, who fight for justice for the unborn - and yet are headed to eternity without God becuase they reject Jesus Christ as their Savior. 

And there are those who have had abortions in the past but who have repented and asked God for forgivfeness, and they will be enojying union with Jesus for all eternity. 

So any discussion and any effort to stand up for the unborn must be done in humility instead of self-righteousness, grace instead of condemnation, and by offering Jesus Christ -- not morality -- as our ultimate hope.  

That said, take a loook at the below ways we are tryiing to stand up for the unborn. 



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Justice for the Unborn - Part 1

In this first episode Pastor Chris Francis & Dr. Tom Sargent interview Missy Stephens, Director of the Open Door Pregnancy Center. They discuss:

*Current & past statistics on abortion;

*Disparities among demographics;

*What it means to treat women in crisis pregnancies with dignity;

*The role pregnancy centers play in showing justice for the unborn as well as mercy to the aborn-minded; 

*And the power of prayer. 


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Justice for the Unborn - Part 2

In the second episode of “Justice for the Unborn” Dr. Tom interviews Dr. Peg Woolley, an OBGYN and the medical director of Solutions Pregnancy Center. We talk about:

*What actually goes into each kind of abortion;

*Fetal development at each stage;

*Changing legislature;

*And how churches need to do a better job discussing this topic without shaming women.


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Justice for the Unborn - Part 3

In this interview with Juan Mendez, we discuss:

*The story of his mother's teenage pregnancy;

*Whether rape and incest are justifiable reasons for an abortion;

*Possible reasons why the abortion rate in the black community is higher;

*And God's redeeming power over our family's brokenness.




Click here to read a blog post outlining 7 things you can do to stand up for the Unborn. 

7 Practical Ways to Support Justice for the Unborn




The Open Door Pregnancy Center in Toms River is a non-profit ministry that we support financially on a monthly basis. They provide free ultra-sounds, baby clothes, classes, post-abortion counseling and other services to young moms who are often very confused and very scared.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering you can contact Nanci Schiavo, who is a board member at the Open Door (nancilee28@aol.com).