Inner Healing

Anxiety, depression, and bitterness; PTSD, mental illness and fear; loss, grief, and envy.

These issues are part of living in this broken world. 

They come as a result of past wounds, trauma, our sin nature, and spiritual strong-holds. 

The Inner Healing Ministry is designed to pin-point what is at the root of those negative emotions, and then join you in praying against them. 

This ministry is not meant to replace counseling or therapy, but is instead meant to supplement those tools.  

If you are interested in scheduling a session with our team (they usually last about 60-90 minutes), the first step is to fill out our Inner Healing Profile. There are two pages, both of which need to be filled out. 

Then we will follow up with you. 

Inner Healing Profile (Page 1)

Inner Healing Profile (Page 2)