Thursday Prayer & Fasting Email List

Join our email list and join us in asking God for big, bold, miracles. 

You'll get an email from our Administrator Mandy Mercado every Tuesday morning with a list of things we're asking God to do (like restore marriages, free us from old destructive thought patterns, protect our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, etc. ). Then take some time Thursday morning or at lunch time or in the evening (whenever you can) to go to God in prayer.

Many of us on the list are also fasting during this time - skipping one or two meals, our morning coffee, sweets, whatever -- to let the physical cravings fuel our spiritual hunger for God's presence in our lives and his power over our circumstances.

Find out more about fasting by clicking here: What is fasting?

To submit a prayer request, get on the list, or for more info, just email Mandy  (