What is Fasting?

Every week people from our church fast - on different days - as a way to channel their hunger for food into a hunger for God, for His kingdom, for His power, and for His presence. 


Check out this excerpt from the book "Practicing the Power" by Sam Storms: 

The reason we don’t eat is to help us focus on the energy that comes from God. As Dallas Willard says, “Fasting is, indeed, feasting. When we have learned well to fast, we will not suffer from it. It will bring strength and joy.” We gain real power from fasting.

Fasting is not about denying yourself; it’s about satisfying yourself . . . in God. Fasting is not about physical pain, but spiritual pleasure. Fasting is the first cousin to prayer in the sense that together they are the ordained means by which God is pleased to give us what we need.

The reputation of fasting has also suffered because of its association in the minds of many with the ascetic abuses of medieval monks and hermits. In centuries past, fasting was often subjected to rigid regulations and was combined with extreme forms of self-mortification and self-denial. Little wonder, then, that fasting seems so often to contribute to that “holier-than-thou” mentality we all want to avoid. In the minds of many, fasting is inseparable from showy and ostentatious self-righteousness.....

There is certainly a measure of physical pain or inconvenience that comes with fasting, but contrary to popular opinion, fasting is not the suppression of desire but the intense pursuit of it. We fast because we want something more than food or the activity from which we abstain. We say no to food or certain conveniences for a season only to fill ourselves with something far more tasty, far more filling, far more satisfying. If one suppresses the desire for food, it is only because he or she has a greater and more intense desire for something more precious. Something of eternal value.

That is why I say without apology that fasting is feasting! It’s about feeding on the fullness of every divine blessing secured for us in Christ. Fasting tenderizes our hearts to experience the presence of God. It expands the capacity of our souls to hear his voice and be assured of his love and be filled with the fullness of his joy.

Fasting is not something you do for God but an appeal for God in grace and power to do everything for you. Fasting is not an act of impressive willpower—it is a declaration of our weakness, a confession of our utter dependency on God and his grace.


Click below to watch a short testimony from Pastor Rigo. 



Since everyone is different and have different levels of experience with fasting, we have three recommended “versions” of this fast, based on what you are used to. Just choose one and give it a try.   


Blend celery, carrot and apple together and drink throughout the day. *We don’t recommend just any kind of juice, especially if it’s very sweet fruit juice, because that could cause blood sugar crashes, jitters, and more cravings. In other words, the less sweet the easier it will be on your body.  


Drink bone broth only. 

*We recommend this brand of bone broth, which you can find on Amazon or Whole Foods, since some other brands taste really bad: Epic Artisan Bone Broth.  


Don't drink anything other than water, unsweetened herbal tea, and maybe a little unsweetened black coffee (go easy on this or you could give yourself a stomach ache).  

Then there are other kinds of fasts like a fat fast, a wheat-grass fast, etc.. It doesn’t matter to use which fast you choose, and nobody will be checking to see how closely you follow it.  We just ask that you fast in some way from food if you’re going to do this with us (verses social media or something like that).  

Be sure to set aside a few times throughout the day -- like when you would normally eat -- to make time to seek God and ask God to move in hearts and open doors. 



Check out this video from our pastoral team talking about the benefits of a tw-day fast we did back in December.


Is fasting for you??

Humble Yourself Through Fasting



While everyone’s bodies are different, and we are not your health care provider, science is more and more showing how beneficial fasting is for numerous ailments and imbalances in the body (something Scripture has pointed to for a very long time). 

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