Exodus Reading Plan


Our Sermon Series through the book of Exodus starts February 7th. 

To go with it we will be going through a daily reading plan (Moday thru Friday) starting February 8th until Good Friday, April 2nd. 

Before you jump into the reading. 


As you prepare for these daily readings, we encourage you to do three things:

1. Find a time each day that works best for you. Whether it's morning, lunch break, evening, or before bed - finding a regular time can help you get in the habit of reading Scripture. 

2. Find a place that allows you to quiet your mind. Whether it's an office, your car, a closet, or your garage - a solitary place will help you hear from God. And turn off the notifications on your phone!

3. Before reading, pray and ask God to speak to you. It is the Holy Spirit who illuminates God's revealed Word, and we need his help. Consider Him your tour guide of the bible. 


To keep it simple, here are three questions to consider prayerfully as you read each passage: 

  1. What does this reveal about God? What does this reveal about his character, how he works, his love, etc.?
  1. How am I to live in light of what it reveals about God (your answer to question #1)? What should this change about my life? 
  1. Is there a next step I can take to apply what I just read? 


Week 5 Reading Plan (March 8th - 12th):

  • Monday: Exodus 5:1-9
  • Tuesday: Exodus 5:10-21


  • Wednesday: Exodus 5:22-6:8


  • Thursday: Exodus 6:9-12


  • Friday: Exodus 6:13-27





Week 6 Reading Plan (March 15th - 19th): 

  • Monday: Exodus 6:28-7:7
  • Tuesday: Exodus 7:8-24


  • Wednesday: 8:1-15


  • Thursday: Exodus 8:16-19


  • Friday: Exodus 8:20-32




Week 7 Reading Plan (March 22nd - 26th): 

Watch Video: What is the meaning of the plagues? 

  • Monday: Exodus 9:1-7
  • Tuesday: Exodus 9:8-35


  • Wednesday: Exodus 10:1-11


  • Thursday: Exodus 10:12-20
  • Friday: Exodus 10:21-29



Week 8 Reading Plan (March 29th - 2nd): 

  • Monday: Exodus 11:1-10

        *What do verses 2-3 reveal about God's heart for his people? 

        *Compare Moses’ words in 11:8 to God’s words back in 7:1. How has Moses’                   confidence in God grown, even as Pharaoh’s heart has hardened?


  • Tuesday: Exodus 12:1-15; Matt. 24:36-44

         *How does Exodus 12:7-13 compare to Matt. 24:36-44?


  • Wednesday: Exodus 12:14-30

         *Click here to read about the Festival of Unleavened Bread.

         *What is significant about God's instructions to parents (see v. 26-27)? How                     should this inform how parents prioritize what they teach their children today? 


  • Thursday: Exodus 12:31-42; (look back at Exodus 1:22)

         *What is ironic about vs. 31-32 in light of Exodus 1:22?


  • Friday (Good Friday): Exodus 12:43-51

         *What is significant about the instruction for the foreigners? How does this                        foreshadow the salvation Jesus offers? 

         *More to come. 


Week 9 Reading Plan (April 5th - 9th): 

  • Monday: Exodus 13:1-16

        *What is the significance of the consecration of the first-born? What is its relevance            today? 

        *What is the signficance of the Festival of Unleavened Bread? What is its relevance            today?

         *Click here to read a commentary for help with this passage. 


  • Tuesday: Exodus 13:17-22

         *What do you notice about the Israelites' journey out of Egypt? Which way did God             lead them and why? 

         *What is significant about v. 19? (see Genesis 50:22-28). 

         *What does the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire symbolize for us today? 


  • Wednesday: Exodus 14:1-14

        *Why would God harden PHaroah's heart yet again? What was his purpose in this? 

        *Why did the people doubt God's promises and saving power in this situation? In                what ways do you struggle in the same way? 

        *What did Moses tell them God would do? What did Moses tell them they should do            in light of what God would do? 


  • Thursday: Exodus 14:15-28

        *What was God's ultimate goal in luring the Egyptians into the Red Sea (see v. 17-             18)? Why is this important for us to remember in a culture that pursue ease and               convenience? 

        *What did God need the Israelites to do in order for Him to accomplish what He                   wanted to accomplish? 

         *What is the significance of the pillar of cloud and how might its meaning be                     releant to us today? 

  • Friday: Exodus 14:29-31

         *Why did it take this miracle for them to put their trust in the Lord? 

         *Why was this act of God different from all the previous plauges?