Exodus Reading Plan


Our Sermon Series through the book of Exodus started Feb. 7th and is going until the end of 2021 (with planned breaks throughout the year). 

To go with it we will be going through a daily reading plan (Moday thru Friday). 

If you have trouble being consistent with Scripture reading, we recommend doing three things: 

1. Find a time each day that works best for you. Whether it's morning, lunch break, evening, or before bed - finding a regular time can help you get in the habit of reading Scripture. 

2. Find a place that allows you to quiet your mind. Whether it's an office, your car, a closet, or your garage - a solitary place will help you hear from God. And turn off the notifications on your phone!

3. Before reading, pray and ask God to speak to you. It is the Holy Spirit who illuminates God's revealed Word, and we need his help. Consider Him your tour guide of the bible. 



how to study the bible

If you have trouble understanding how to apply Scripture to your life, here are some questions to ask about the passage you are studying:  

1. What does this reveal about God? What does this reveal about his character, how he works, his love, etc.?

  • What does the text actually say? Note as many observations as you can. 
  • What did it mean for the original readers? 

2. How am I to live in light of what it reveals about God (your answer to question #1)?

  • How was this text meant to change the lives of the original readers?
  • How should this change my life? 

3. Is there a next step I can take to apply what I just read? 

  • If the answer to #2 above is, say, "love my neighbor better" - then what is a practical way to do that this week? 


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Monday: Exodus 20:3-17 

Read the passage in its entirety. 

  • In what ways does coveting (v. 17) lead to the breaking of the first two commandments in vs. 3-6?
  • Read Psalm 106:34-39. In what way does this passage depict the breaking of the first, second and tenth commandments? 


Tuesday: Exodus 20:7-17

Reaad the passage again in its entirety. 

  • In what ways does coveting (v. 17) lead to the breaking of the third and fourth commandments in vs. 7-11?
  • Read Isaiah 29:13. Which of the commandments does this verse show the Israelites breaking? What might be the reason for it? What might their hearts really be coveting in this passage? 


 Wednesday: Exodus 20:12-17

  • In what ways does coveting (v. 17) lead to the breaking of the commandments in vs. 12-15? 
  • Read Genesis 4:1-8. How does this story of Cain and Abel depict the breaking of two of the ten commandments? What was it that Cain seemed to really want / covet?  


Thursday: Exodus 20:16-17

  • In what ways does coveting (v. 17) lead to the breaking of the commandment in v. 16? What reasons do people have for committing this sin? 
  • Read Genesis 4 again about Cain and Abel, but this time read up to v. 9. What commandment does Cain break in v. 9? Why? 
  • In what ways have you fibbed, exaggerated, or manipulated stories in order to protect something you really coveted - whether it was your reputation, your image, your need to be right, etc.? 


Friday: Romans 7:7-25

  • What does Paul say is the purpose of the law? 
  • In what way should our failure to obey the law perfectly lead to praise of Jesus? 
  • In what should our faith in Jesus lead to greater obedience to those commandments?