Corona Update




Business-owners are hurting. 

Bread-winners are out of work and not being paid. 

Financial pressures are piling up. 

Some are sick and not sure what they have; others are fearful they might contaminate a high-risk relative they live with. 

There is anxiety about all the new little decisions that need to be made each day.

Cabin fever has already set in.

Retirement plans have even had to be put on hold.

And yet…

Our people are stepping up to the plate. They are spening more time in prayer and fasting. They are looking for opportunities to care for each other, shop for each other, and babysit for each other. They're wanting to make meals for complete strangers, and make cards for the elderly in assisted living homes.  

Below is a plan for what we're doing -- and not doing - over the next couple weeks. 


1. Facebook Live on Sunday Mornings @ 10:30am.

For the next few weeks we will be shooting something live from the church office at our usual service time.

Tune in: (you do not need to have a facebook account). 

*We will also be streaming live on Good Friday @ 6:30pm. 

2. Praying & Fasting & Blog Plan

This is continuing as planned.

Click here for the reading plan.

Click here to sign up to fast. 


3. New Spiritual Warfare Class 

Although originally planned for Sunday mornings, this class is going online. We will hold it on Thursday evenings from 7-8pm through Zoom. Contact to get in on the class. 


4. Online Life Groups                                                                                               

Many of our life groups are doing video meetings. If you would like to join a group, click here. 


5. Thursday Lunch-Hour Prayer

On a day when many of us are already fasting and praying for our church and for the world, we will have online prayer sessions from 12-1pm. To get in on it, email 



1. Gift Card Distribution

For those who are in financial need as a result of this economic shut-down, we will have a simple gift card distribution to help with groceries. 

All you need to do is drive by the church office (1800 Lanes Mill Rd. in Brick) on Sunday, Tuesday or Friday between 3 & 5pm, call the church office number (732-202-7509), and someone wil come down to give you one. No questions asked, but no more more than $75 per household per week for now.

Feel free to tell a friend. 

If you need more than this, you are encouraged to submit a benevolence request (see below). 

2. Benevolence Ministry

We have a benevolence fund for folks in our church unable to pay for a certain bill or repair. There is an application process and a team that decides whether to approve each request (Lori Miskin, Mike Francis, Nick Carlson & John Hansen). 

If the current crisis puts you in this kind of need, email to get the process started. 

3. Grocery Shopping and / or Meals for Shut-In

If you are shut in for any reason and cannot venture out, our care team will gladly go out to pick up groceries and deliver them to your doorstep. 


4. Prayer & Counseling

Submit a prayer request to go out on Thursday mornings by clicking here.

If you would like to pray / talk with someone over the phone, Pastor Shea has made himself available to talk to anyone anytime 24/7 (; 973-955-8686). 

Brian Croak, a clinical counselor in our area, has offered to do tele-therapy sessions on a sliding scale. Call him to set up an appointment: 732-754-7275


1. Give to Our Corona Relief Budget

To help keep our benevolence fund replenished, as well as help our mission team have the funds to support local and world-wide ministries that are on the front-lines of this pandemic, give to our Corona Relief budget. Click here and choose Corona Relief on the drop-down menu. 

*You can also continue your giving to our General Fund this way. 

2. Allaire Community Farm

A wonderful non-profit that our church supports monthly, and who reaches out to the special needs community, has had to cut down on their income-producing services, leaving them in great financial need. 

You can give to them financially by clicking here


3. Shore Fresh Restaurant

If you are looking for ways to support local businesses, consider Rich & Amy Brecka’s restaurant "Shore Fresh." They are serving until 7:30 every night at two locations:

57 Channel Dr. in Point Pleasant Beach

703 Bridge Ave. in Point Pleasant Borough




1. Resources to Help You Talk With Them

Navigating the Pandemic With Your Kids

Explaining Covid 19 To Children 

2. Lessons From Our Team 

Consider picking a consistent time and day each week to watch one of these lessons from familiar faces in our church community. 

Don't Worry (for elementaary-age kids)

Daniel in the Lion's Den (for pre-K thru 3rd grade)


3. Making Cards For Assisted Living Homes

Looking for things to do while stuck at home? 

Have them write out cards and drawings to mail to two different facilities who have asked (one of them is the one we serve regularly in Brick, and the other is where one of our members works). 

You can mail them directly to:

The Chelsea Assisted Living Home                                                                       

458 Jack Martin Blvd. in Brick, NJ 08724                                                               

Attn: Judy Riveraor


United Methodist Communities                                                                       

Briston Glen                                                                                                         

200 Bristol Glen Dr.                                                                                           

Newton, NJ 0786                                                                                                 

Attn: Jeff Lisk




Join a free Live Stream Event Thursday night, April 2nd: Hope For Homes During Covid-19.  

And click here for more free resources. 




Though situations like these can stir up fear and anxiety, God is sovereign over all things, and our ultimate hope is found in Jesus. Although we won’t be gathering for services and events, we encourage you to stay connected to the church body through calls, texts, and online engagement. Pray for those affected by this virus as we wait for Christ to return and bring about a day without sickness, suffering, and death.  



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