Days of Heaven on Earth

August 27, 2019 | by: A.B. Simpson | 0 Comments

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the following is a devotional thought from the founder of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, A.B. Simpson. 


I would rather play with the forked lightning than to speak a reckless word against any servant of Christ. I would rather take in my hands live wires with their fiery current than to idly repeat the slanderous darts which thousands of Christians are hurling at others to the hurt of their own souls and bodies.

You may wonder why your sickness is not hea1ed, why your spirit is not filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit, why your life is not blessed and prosperous. It may be that some dart which you have flung with angry voice or in an idle hour of thoughtless gossip is pursuing you on its way. It is describing the circle which always brings back to the source from which it came every shaft of bitterness and every idle and evil word.

Let us remember that when we persecute or hurt the children of God, we are but persecuting Him and hurting ourselves far more.

Lord, make me as sensitive to the feelings and rights of others as I have often been to my own, and let me live and love like Thee.

Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm —Psalm 105:15


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