April Walters Follow-Up From Haiti

September 3, 2019 | by: April Walters | 0 Comments

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About a year and a half before I left for Haiti, I knew without a doubt that Haiti was definitely where God wanted me to venture out to. I knew way down I was headed in the direction the Lord wanted me to go. Because I was so sure this was part of my journey, I was excited!

I quickly squashed any nervousness that would surface up because I trusted God’s leading. Even when I thought about all that was going to be new, how I was going to be stretched, and all that was going to be unexpected and unknown to me, I trusted God’s leading.

So, what did I expect to see in Haiti? I expected to see impoverished families living in run down huts. I expected to see parents struggling to provide education, food, and clothing for their malnourished children. I expected to see Danita’s House (an orphanage that SOFM supports) to be dirty, struggling, and babies just laying in cribs not being loved. I expected to see a country full of people who were downcast with defeat.

I did see some those things. But what I really saw was a village that fights daily to better their lives. I saw the people of L’Acajou have so much pride for their village and how it has grown. They were full of so much pride in who they are and where they came from that when we came back from taking them to the beach they chanted and cheered as they re-entered their village.

A village that had so many children sick and malnourished was now was a village with a medical clinic and a feeding program for the children. Danita’s House was a safe, beautiful, warm, and loving orphanage. The missionaries truly loved each and every child! The missionaries worked hard to raise money and build this beautiful home and school for the orphans of Haiti.

I saw the people of L’Acajou with overflowing joy and love for each other and our team! I saw a village that had such a tender love for the Father, even though life in many many ways is so very hard! There still is no electricity and they have to travel to the well for water, but they are joyful! They worship like I have never seen before! There was no time limit, there was no right way or wrong way to worship. They worshipped when it was 100 degrees. They worshipped when they were working or serving! Their worship never stopped!

While in L’Acajou, Jess, Allyn and myself did teachings with the teens about being a godly leader. It truly was an honor to share with the teens. My prayer is that God used each of our teachings to speak to the teens, even if it is just one. We also went up the mountain to hand out hygiene packages and treats for the children. I got up that morning thinking I was going to bless the people, but that was not what happened. They were a blessing to me. Their appreciation and joy for us coming and having an opportunity to pray with each family was a humbling blessing to me. I saw a village where God's presence was so evident that the surounding villages are curious and asking, "What's happening in L'Acajou?"

My trip to L’Acajou Haiti was humbling, stretching, teaching, and growing! I was reminded that I am to joyfully worship and praise God, even when life is hard. God taught me a little about submitting. Which, if I am honest, was a little hard for me for a second or two. Being a person who sees something that needs to be done and jumps right on it and also being a person who leads ministries and events very often was hard for a moment. But God is faithful and we had a moment together and I joyfully listened and submitted. I learned more about being a godly leader. Not just from being under Pam’s leadership, but also witnessing Pastor Joseph lead and care for his congregation.

I am still not sure why God sent me to Haiti or what I am to do with what I saw and learned. Was it to give me a better perspective of the people in L’Acajou and what God is doing down there to make better decisions as part of the board of SOFM? Was it to grow me as a leader, a woman of God? I am still praying for the “What’s now, God?” and “What do you want me to do with all this?” questions. But I do know two things...God is faithful and at the right time he will reveal the answers to me. And it was an honor to serve the Lord and the people of L’Acajou with the team.


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