The Three P's Of Mission

May 18, 2017 | by: Chris Francis | 0 Comments

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Two weeks ago - in Easter - part 2 -- I briefly mentioned the 3 P's of Mission. 3 Aspects of Mission that we as a church and each of us individually should be engaged in. CAN be engaged in. Here they are spelled out in a bit more detail:

This is about simply BEING the presence of Jesus, letting the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit ooze out of us onto those around us (even if they don't know where it comes from).

As a church, we seek to do things that are just about being the presence of Jesus in the community, like the Trunk or Treat event, or supporting the POAC Easter Egg Hunt. 

As individuals, we should pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us before going to work, school, or the gym. 

I once had someone come up to me on a city bus and ask if I was a Christian. I said yes and asked him how he could tell, and he just said I gave off a "vibe" of some sort.

I want that to happen more in my life. I want that to happen more in YOUR life, too.

And it can - as the Resurrection Power of Jesus fills us through his Spirit.

This is about providing for whatever is lacking. It's about serving those who are in need.

As a church we do this in a variety of ways -- providing tutoring at the homework club on Tuesdays, sponsoring a Romanian orphan for summer camp, filling up tote bags with over-the-counter medications for Haiti, sending money to Syrian refugees, giving away old laptops for the education of a village in Kenya, sponsoring young moms through the Open Door Pregnancy Center, and many other ways.

As individuals, we again should be praying for eyes to see where Jesus would have us provide for someone else's lack, someone who is right under our nose. 

This is about proclaiming - sharing, heralding, preachig -- the good news of Jesus' resurrection life to those.

As a church, we do this in a few organized aways. Sunday mornings are not just about those in True Life church but are geared largely for our non-Christian friends who come to "check things out." The Bible Farm Adventure camp that we are gearing up for is about being the presence of Jesus to these kids, but also about proclaiming who he is through lessons and skits. Dan Dornacker volunteers with FCA and gets to proclaim to high school students this great news of Jesus' grace and new way of life. We send money to missionaries in Spain and Syria and other parts of the world who are living overseas in dangerous areas proclaiming this resurrection life. A team from our church goes to Romania and Haiti every year to proclaim the love of Christ.

And as individuals, God is looking to use us in more organic spontaneous ways throughout our weeks --- again, if only we would have the eyes to see the opportunities and the boldness to act on them. I had a long conversation this past Wednesday morning with an atheist friend in my car. I had been praying for his heart to be open, and he just started asking me questions.

What about your co-workers? Your classmates? Your children's friends' parents? Your neighbors? You don't have to wait for something to be organized by the church -- the harvest is huge!


Those are the 3 P's of Mission.

But they are fueled by two more P's: Power of the Holy Spirit, and Prayer.


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