Nominating New Members to Our Executive Team

January 7, 2021 | 0 Comments

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As we approach our 2021 membership meeting on March 14th, our Nominating committee - made up of a few current Executive Team Members (Bob Daber, Scot King and Chris Francis) as well as a couple members at large (Mandy Mercado, Tom Sargent and Rebecca Carlson) will be meeting a couple times to discuss and pray about any new potential board members.

Three of our current executive team members -- Cindy Dornacker, Christine Aylett and Steve Dawdy - are up for re-election. 


  1. Has the character that a spiritually mature person should according to scripture (1          Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-9, and Titus 2:1-10); they are seen as a spiritual “mother / older sister” or spiritual “father / older brother” (elder) in our church.
  2. Has shown ownership of our church’s vision and values. 
  3. Has the potential to be relatively competent in the team’s job description (see below)



1. Mission Clarity

        - Is Pastor Chris clear on our mission? 

        - Is it being communicated in a clear way? 

        - Is our pastoral team clear? 

2. Operational accountability of lead pastor 

       - Is our lead pastor leading the pastoral team to be effective in their ministries?

3. Budgetary approval

      - Approve the annual budget

     - Approve any changes to budget lines

4. Financial Ministries 

    - Oversee the benevolence teams 

    - Oversee the mission committee 

    - Oversee the book-keeping processes 

5. Identify the Need for any New Operational Policies

   Ex: In 2018 we needed to establish a sex offender policy as well as new security                     protocol, and in 2020 we had to develop policies around the Covid pandemic. 


If you have suggestions, feel free to email any of our Nominating Committee members and we will add their names to the discussion & prayer process. 

Mandy Mercado (

Rebecca Carlson (

Tom Sargent (

Bob Daber (

Scot King (




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