Jess Dawdy's Follow-Up From Haiti Trip

September 4, 2019 | by: Jess Dawdy | 0 Comments

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Prior to leaving I was asking for prayer for me to be ok without my own comforts that we are all so used to having here in America. I also asked for prayer for being affected by the sounds of animals and voodoo that happens at night. Great news!!

I was very hot and sweaty most of the time, there were many bugs all over, ( I even showered with some) lol, but I can really say that I did not have any moments during the trip that i was really concerned or effected by my own discomforts. That is totally an answer to your prayers. Thank You! 

And to make God even more awesome -- I slept like a baby every night, getting about 10-12 hours of sleep every night, not being affected at all by any of the noises! God is really so good! 

About the trip 

I know it sounds cliche, but I am going to say it because it is really how I feel. This trip truly changed me forever! My prayer now is that I will not forget what i experienced while in Haiti during the summer of 2019. 

The church was led completely by the Holy Spirit. Even though they speak another language you just feel God there, and it is Amazing!

The people in the town of L'Acajaue are all people that are content and joyful with the very little bit that they have. They don't even have running water or electricity. What this actually means is that they have to walk miles to get clean water, and use it very sparingly, because they have to use this water to clean themselves, wash there dishes, and cook with. They do not have kitchens or bathrooms. They live in very tiny little huts and use the bathroom in a whole in the ground. 

The kids are so happy with just a soccer ball, playing it for hours and loving every minute of it. The youth kids have a strong desire to work, except they don't have the opportunity due to the lack of stores /restaurants on every corner like there is here. The only way most can make money is to sell a baby goat, if they even have one, or sell crops that they grow (some are blessed to be able to work for Aslan ministries, including the new clinic they just opened). 

Joseph is the man in charge of Aslan in Haiti and he is the most amazing man I have ever met on this earth (except for my husband of coarse). He is really trying through the power of God to make a difference for the people in Haiti. The amount of money that it takes for them to make a difference is really nothing for most Americans. Most children can go to school for a whole year for $100 a year. 

I have two prayers, and I am asking for you all to join me in these prayers: 

  1. PRAY for the government to change completely and put men of God in leadership.  
  1. PRAY for more people to be generous with the money that God blesses them with and give to Aslan ministries, or help a child go to school. 

There is so much more but I will end here. If you would like to ask more questions I would love to talk with you:) 


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