Hosting the Unity Service

December 4, 2019 | by: Jess Dawdy | 0 Comments

Posted in: Our Vision

There is nothing like four different churches coming together as one Body of Christ to worship and celebrate ONE purpose together. Though very different as people and churches, we were united in worshiping our King. I think we truly blessed our Father.

I saw real fellowship happening both in greeting old friends and meeting new people. We were so different but had the most important thing in common: Jesus. We are all family in Christ and if you were there Saturday night you felt this. Many people did not want to leave, and while most did go home after the service that night, there was a large group of young adults who met up again and spent even more time together.

I witnessed old friends who hadn't seen each other in years reuniting, and kids who used to be close come back together like there was never any distance between them. Lots of happy tears were shed in all these moments. 

For those who were first-time guests, what a powerful testimony of the truth of God’s Word: “They will know we are His by the love that we have for each other.” What a great first impression! I look forward to more times like this together and am excited for what God has begun. 


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