Amy's Empower Testimony

June 22, 2019 | by: Amy Negron | 0 Comments

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I was introduced to Empower at the women’s retreat in the Poconos. My friends Christine, Lorraine and Lisa encouraged me to go to the session that spoke about this phenomenal class. I sat through the session and knew that this is what God wanted me to do next on my Spiritual journey. Starting in September, Empower would meet once a month on Saturday and I would be done in May. Sounds perfect. I didn’t know how I was going to come up with the tuition. I prayed to God that if this was truly what He wanted me to do, he would have to supply the money. Through a number of unforeseen and miraculous events, I got the money. I even got it soon enough to get the early bird price.

Shortly after enrolling in Empower, my life would change forever. After flying home to see my mother who had been suffering with Alzheimer’s for 15 years, I returned home to NJ and got the phone call. My mother had passed. Anyone who’s lost a mother will tell you it really changes your outlook on life. After all, I’d never existed a day without her on earth. As much of a jolt as it was, it was also a relief that she was no longer suffering….

So I started my Empower class in September and started learning about the Holy Spirit in bigger ways than I’d ever imagined. Before Empower, the Holy Spirit was real but sort of a second runner up to God and Jesus. We started learning about listening to the Holy Spirit and listening to the HS as we pray with and for people. Doing the various exercises I was truly learning to pay attention to the voice I’d often heard but more often not paid attention to. Well now that the HS had my attention, I started being woken early in the morning with ideas and thoughts about my mother. Well those early mornings wake up calls with my pen and paper, writing done those words as I held back my morning curls became the eulogy I would give at my mother memorial service in October. Not only were my family and friends surprised… I was surprised. It was a masterpiece that paid homage to the woman who gave me life. I thank Empower for teaching me how to listen to my helper. How many of us are walking around with the answer and just aren’t listening?

I want to say that my mother accepted Christ’s sacrifice the day before I left California. I asked her one last time if she believed that Jesus was the son of God and that he died for all her sins. So when she briefly opened her eyes, looked straight in my eyes and pushed out the word, “yes”. I told her she could go and I would see her someday. Empower has truly enabled me to be used by God. Empower has made me bolder, Braver and more available to God.


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