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March 23, 2021 | by: Allyn McCarthy | 0 Comments

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Throughout Scripture we see that God answers the prayers of His people.  Sometimes He says yes.  An example of this is when He granted Solomon with the wisdom he was praying for to rule his kingdom (1Kings 3:9).  Sometimes the answer is a definitive no, like when God said no to David’s plan to build a temple (2 Samuel 7).  Sometimes God wants us to wait.  He may definitively tell us to wait, or He may not provide any answer at all.  Or, we may think He says yes, but our human timing is out of sync with His sovereign timing, and we find ourselves waiting.  This happened to Abram and Sarai who waited 11 years for the birth of their son after God gave His yes and told them they would have a child (Genesis 15-16).  

Eleven years is a long time.  I become inpatient after 11 days, and sometimes even 11 minutes!  I feel like a racehorse at the start of a race – stuffed into the chute and building up energy waiting for the gate to open.  Before long, I’m tired from expending all that energy in anticipation.  Impatiently, I begin bumping the front and kicking at the back.  I become frustrated and grouchy, and all I can think about is getting out so I can run that race before me, because after all, I think God has said “yes go”.

I feel blessed to be participating in Empower One this year.  On our first day, we heard a lecture on the topic of Cultivating a Listening Ear.  Our teacher spoke about the necessary skill  of learning how to hear God.  She told us that most of what we see and hear during our day is probably not of God nor sent by God.  We have good people in our lives who tell us good and important things, but God is the one we need to hear from.  Since He is the one we need to hear, we need to be intentional about seeking only Him.  Seeking Him in solitude is one sure way to accomplish this.  God tells us He will meet us when we invite Him (Jeremiah 33:3).  When it is only me and God, I can be confident that I am truly hearing Him when my heart or mind stirs.  I have learned that I needed to develop the discipline of sitting still in solitude and waiting for Him.  At first, even 15 minutes seemed hard.  I also needed to train my ears to block out inner noise, and even the noise of silence.  However, I persevered and learned He would meet me in that place of solitude, and most importantly I would hear the message He has for me.  

So, I can see now why God may have kept me waiting in that race chute.  He wanted to prepare me and focus me for what He’s placed before me.  Like the racehorse, I am ready to jump out and run off, but also like the horse, I need my ‘Jockey’ to guide me through the obstacles of the course.  If you have ever seen racehorses that have lost their riders, they often do not end up where they are supposed to be.  Some become so confused or terrified, they jump out of the ring, or end up in the grandstand, or even worse injure themselves or innocent bystanders.  The jockey is the guiding force that keeps the horse focused and safe, so the horse must be able to hear its jockey, despite all of the noise of the race.  In cultivating my listening ear, I have learned the joy of waiting for God, and the thrill of hearing Him.  This prize makes the waiting so much easier.

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.  Psalm 37:7


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