A Covid Healing Testimony

February 3, 2021 | by: Nanci Schiavo | 0 Comments

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It's a snow day and I love to clean on snow days - so by 10 a.m., I washed down all my kitchen cabinets and hand-shampooed my living room carpet - thinking this is a good day to share my healing testimony!  I tested positive for Covid on Dec. 23; my symptoms were mild chills and a slight fever.  I figured I would have a slight case, however, each day I felt worse and weaker without the upswing that most cases have after Day 7.  By Jan. 2, I was feeling so weak, that I thought it best to go to the ER, so as not to descend into a more extreme case.  I was admitted; spent 3 days there, begging to go home on the second day.  My oxygen level was good, no fever and I could take the IV meds home with me.  I did realize how weak and exhausted I felt, but had no idea how long it would last.

I spent the first week home after the hospital in bed 24/7.  As many of you probably know first-hand or from hearing others speak, the exhaustion is overwhelming; the weakness cannot be plowed thru.  It is not a matter of balance - activity vs. rest - activities cannot be done because you cannot move.  During all this time, my lungs and heart hurt - my followup appt. wasn't until March, but I decided to just monitor those issues.  By the second week I had days of strength and was so very grateful to God for them - I spent them doing things that refreshed my spirit.  I never knew when a weak day would come, but when I woke up in the morning, it was very clear when that day arrived - back to barely being able to move.  

By Week 3, I had more strong days and, again, praising God I was coming out of the side effects, altho I still had pain in my lungs and heart.  More strong days until that Friday when I couldn't move again.  On Saturday, Pastor Chris asked me if the Kids' Ministry could pray for me on Sunday during their church class.  Of course!  Sure!  Friday, Saturday and Sunday were 3 of my weakest since coming out of the hospital and I was concerned I was having a relapse.  

Not sure what prayer our little True Lifers prayed, but I'm so blessed to say that on Monday I woke up to full strength!  I know my full strength and I had it!!  I recognized it from awhile ago, lol!  And the lung and heart pain was gone too!!  Every day since, I have had full energy and strength.  On Day 8 now and I've been at Allaire Community Farm almost every day being with the animals I love so much.  Had a chance to give my testimony of healing to two farm helpers yesterday, giving credit to the prayer of the children and the mercy of God.  Restarted a daytime Bible study which had been put on hold since before Christmas.  

Without a doubt, I'm healed! Praise the Lord!



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