OUR NEXT WATER BAPTISM September 5th during Sunday service

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Considering getting baptized? 

Below is a list of criteria to help you determine if you should get baptized.

1. You have accepted Jesus as your Savior, the one who paid for your sins on the cross so that you could receive all of God's promises.

2. You have never been baptized since #1.

That's it.

Too often, we complicate it. But it's that simple. 

Baptism is like a wedding ring -- wearing a ring doesn't make us married, but if we are married it lets the world know that our hearts belong to someone else. In the same way, baptism itself doesn't change us, but it does let the world know that we've been changed by Jesus Christ and that our lives belong to Him.

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1. When should I get baptized? According to Scripture, once we place our faith in Jesus, we should get baptized immediately. No need to wait. Baptism marks the beginning of our new life in Christ. 

2. If I was baptized as a baby, do I need to be baptized again?
Infant baptism is a choice that mom and dad made to to dedicate us to God in some sense. And while we're grateful for what our parents did, the Bible teaches us that water baptism follows our own personal choice to put our faith in Jesus Christ. Being baptized as an adult doesn't dismiss or negate our parents' decision, but rather points to the fulfillment of what they had prayed for and planned for us many years prior. Being baptized is a way to honor God and our families!

3. Does baptism "save" me from my sins?
While some church traditions teach that the actual act of baptism has the power to cleanse people of their sins, the Bible makes it clear that only faith in Jesus Christ as Savior can cleanse us from our sins and give us a new nature. Baptism does not accomplish anything for us, rather, it celebrates what God has already accomplished for us through the sacrificial death and resurrection of His Son. Think of baptism and its symbolism like a wedding ring: wearing a ring doesn't make me married, but if I am married it lets the world know that my heart belongs to someone else. In the same way, baptism itself doesn't change us, but it does let the world know that we've been changed by Jesus Christ and that our lives belong to Him.

4. Do I need to be baptized by an ordained minister or priest?
Not according to the Bible. You can be baptized by any follower of Jesus - a priest, pastor, life group leader, best friend, or your faithful mechanic, so long as they are a professing follower of Jesus and have been baptized themselves. 

5. I've been a Christian for many years, but have never been baptized. Is it too late?
Absolutely not! Baptism isn’t an optional ritual, to be further delayed or postponed, but something Jesus commanded. It signifies our adoption into God’s family. Through baptism we declare our faith in Jesus’ finished work, we announce the death and burial of our old life, and we celebrate our new life and union with Christ. Being baptized now is a powerful way to solidify or renew the decision you made in the past to live wholeheartedly for him. Take the plunge!

6. Does True Life Church baptize babies?
We encourage parents to publicly dedicate their babies, professing their commitment to raise their children to know and love God. But we believe that water baptism is an informed decision that a child makes on their own after accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord -- and babies simply aren’t mature enough to make that decision.

7. Do I need to be baptized at a church in order for it to count?
No. The Bible teaches us that you can be baptized anywhere there’s water and one other believer to baptize you. However, we do recommend making it a celebratory event that others can be invited to, which is why we organize a public baptism every few months. (But if you have a pool and want to throw a party, let us know!)




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