Marriage Coaching

True Life Church is a place where marriage is a priority - not only because we believe God cares deeply about how we treat our spouse, but also because we believe that marriage is one of God's favorite discipleship scalpels. It is a primary way that He is growing us and shaping us into the image of Jesus....and it's not always pretty.

And that's why even the best marriages could use some input and advice from other couples from time to time.

Which is where our Marriage Coaching Team comes in. It is a team of two couples who are all passionate about marriage, are quick to admit that they've had their own pile of junk to work through, and are available to sit down over coffee with other couples, with no charge.

So if you're going through a particularly hard time right now, or you're just feeling that invisible wedge growing between you & your spouse, consider sitting down with one of our couples. Read about each couple on our team and then shoot them an email. 


jack and lori

Jack & Lori Miskin met at college back in the 80’s when, after the Pennsylvania boy botched up a party invitation by using Springsteen lyrics, the true Jersey Shore girl called him out on it, but agreed to attend anyway. And the rest, as they say, is history. They are the embodiment of the saying, "Opposites attract." Jack is a highly structured financial executive who “likes” to run. Lori is an extremely creative designer and “likes” the beach. After more than 28 years of married life together and raising 4 children, they still love each other, and of course, The Boss.