Serving & Meeting Needs

We believe that followers of Jesus should be determined to not only talk about Jesus, but to represent Him by serving our neighborhoods. We hope to fight for justice where there is injusitce, and to bring provision where this is lack.

Below are a few of the various ways that our True Life community is involved in serving our surrounding local community.  


TLCproject (1)

We have partnered with two other local churches to do a weekly after-school club in one of the high-risk neighborhoods of Brick. We give homework help, play football & basketball, serve food and pretty much look for any way that we can build relationships with these kids.

Our True Life team is only responsible for one day each month, although some of us stop in more often to connect with the kids. 

Commitment  - One Tuesday afternoon per month, 2:30-5:30

Qualifications - Must have a desire to represent the love of God to good kids who are often rowdy

Contact - If you're interested in joining this team, shoot Lori Miskin: 




The Open Door Pregnancy Center in Toms River is a non-profit ministry that we support financially on a monthly basis. They provide free ultra-sounds, baby clothes, classes, post-abortion counseling and other services to young moms who are often very confused and very scared.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering you can contact Pastor Chris, who is a board member at the Open Door (