Fighting For Rest

fighting for rest

We’re going to take the month of January to focus in on the theme of spiritual rest, and call our church to FIGHT for that rest. We want the month to be about seeking God as our ultimate source of joy and peace. We want to learn more about what it means to cast our anxieties upon him, what it means to live like we have nothing to prove, what it means to have a life-style of prayer.

We want to call our community to be praying for our church - to pray for our ministries, to pray for our marriages, to pray for direction. We want to call each individual to evaluate their rhythms and how they spend their time and money; to evaluate what they worry so much about and why.

What is it that God is calling us to....and what do we have to STOP doing in order to do those things?

Would you join us? Would you lean in this month?


In addition to a sermon series and blog posts, here are some things we are doing as a church to lean into & fight for REST:

1. Prayer Nights

Starting January 8th we will be meeting every Tuesday night from 7-8pm to pray for our church at the Maple Leaf Clubhouse (255 Sawmill Rd. in Brick). Everyone is invited. We will pray for our church as a whole, for specific ministries, for marriages, for relational conflicts, and for individual needs. Let’s start 2019 off on the right foot, seeking God first before making plans and commitments.

Fasting & Prayer Day

2. Fasting & Praying Thursdays

We have 68 people who are committed to praying for our church every Thursday (and sometimes fasting as well). It's no coincidence that so many are praying and so many break-throughs are happening in people's' lives.

For this month, especially, our pastoral team is committed to fasting every Thursday and we want to encourage more to join us in some way (whether it’s skipping one meal, two meals, going dall day, or even two days - it’s up to you). Fasting is a way of declaring, “As hungry as I am for food, I am more hungry to know you, God! As dependent as I am on food for strength, I am more dependent on you, God, for true wisdom and direction and true spiritual strength!”

3. Leadership Vision Night – Jan 27th

As we close out the month, we want to have a special vision night for all our leaders (pastoral team, governing team, life group leaders, team leaders, kids classroom leaders) as well as all who see themselves being leaders in our church soon (in other words, everyone is welcome)Sunday evening, January 27th at 5:30pm at Brick Memorial High School.