Encounters with Jesus In The Book of John


Starting February 4th we will be going through the book of John as a church - not only through our sermons, but also through daily readings and blog posts. Lean in and watch Jesus make himself known to you.

Below is the reading plan for the week. 

But first.....


As you prepare for these daily readings, we encourage you to do three things:

1. Find a time each day that works best for you. Whether it's morning, lunch break, evening, or before bed - finding a regular time can help you get in the habit of reading Scripture. 

2. Find a place that allows you to quiet your mind. Whether it's an office, your car, a closet, or your garage - a solitary place will help you hear from God. And turn off the notifications on your phone. 

3. Before reading, pray and ask God to speak to you. It is the Holy Spirit who illuminates God's revealed Word, and we need his help. Consider Him your tour guide of the bible. 

**One resource that can help you understand the passage is a commentary by David Guzik, which you can find here. 



Daily Readings for week 7 (March 19-23)

Monday, March 19

Read John 13:18-38

  1. Think about the disciples lack of understanding Jesus’ words predicting His death. When have you felt confused by Jesus’ words? Did he bring clarity? If not, is it something you need clarity on this side of eternity?
  1. How did Jesus respond to the knowledge that he was going to be betrayed and denied by 2 of his closest followers? What might Jesus have done if He was bitter at either of them? How does Jesus’ response encourage and challenge us in dealing with betrayal and conflict?
  1. What is so unique about this “new commandment” in vs. 34-35? Why did Jesus choose to mention it at this point? Why is this command so crucial for Christians to keep?
  1. How does Jesus’ act of service (the footwashing) at the beginning of chapter 13 support or help to explain this “new commandment.” 


Tuesday, March 20

Read John 14:1-31

  1. Where is Jesus going? What is “the way” to where He is going? What are the implications of verse 6? 
  1. Why do you think it is hard for the disciples (Phillip in this story) to understand Jesus’ claim to be one with the Father? What did Jesus cite as proof for His claims? Fast forward to our lives - why is it harder or easier for us to believe these claims?
  1. What did Jesus say is the proof of our love for Him (vv 15, 21, 23)?
  1. What is the importance of having the Holy Spirit within you as a follower of Christ (see especially verse 20)? How does that make you feel?
  1. What gifts did Jesus leave us with? What are their importance?

Wednesday, March 21

Read John 15:1-25

  1. What does it look like to abide in or remain in Jesus? How have you succeeded or failed in doing this? What have been the results of abiding in Him? What have been the results of not abiding in Him? 
  1. What would it mean for you to love other Christians as Jesus loved His disciples and as He has loved you? Think of some specific acts of love you should be practicing for speicfic people right now. Ask Jesus for help in loving them. 
  1. Why does Jesus say the world will hate those who follow Him? How have you experienced the hatred of the world for following Jesus? Did it make you shrink back from following him or lean into following him? What does this promise / encouragement / warning reveal to you about how you are living right now? 
  1. What is one thing God wants you to know, understand, and apply from this passage?

Thursday, March 22

Read John 15:26-16:33

  1. Who does Jesus say will come and what is His job?
  1. How do the disciples feel about Jesus leaving them? What does He say about their feelings?
  1. How have you experienced grief in your life? Have you been able to find Joy in Christ amidst it?
  1. Meditate on and memorize 16:33 as an encouragement for times of trouble. 


Friday, March 23

Read John 17:1-26

  1. Jesus prays for three sets of people; who does Jesus pray for, what does He say is true about them, and what does He ask the Father for for that person?
  1. As Jesus prays for the disciples (both His and all those who have & will follow Him) what in particular speaks the most to you or has the most meaning? Take a moment to pray that prayer for yourself and for True Life Church.
  1. Jesus prays of knowing God intimately (vv 3, 25-26); how can you come to know the father more intimately? What does it take?