Encounters with Jesus In The Book of Luke

This is a study plan that will start on Monday, June 25th and run every Monday-Friday until Friday, August 31st. 

Before you jump into it.....


As you prepare for these daily readings, we encourage you to do three things:

1. Find a time each day that works best for you. Whether it's morning, lunch break, evening, or before bed - finding a regular time can help you get in the habit of reading Scripture. 

2. Find a place that allows you to quiet your mind. Whether it's an office, your car, a closet, or your garage - a solitary place will help you hear from God. And turn off the notifications on your phone. 

3. Before reading, pray and ask God to speak to you. It is the Holy Spirit who illuminates God's revealed Word, and we need his help. Consider Him your tour guide of the bible. 

**One resource that can help you understand the passage is a commentary by David Guzik, which you can find here. 

Here is another commentary from a long time ago: Wesley Commentary.



READINGS FOR WEEK 8 (August 13th-17th)


Monday, August 13th. Read Luke 21:29 - 22:6

Parable Note: Keep this in mind as you read the parables. They are little stories meant to be like a joke in that it has has one main point that the hearer should catch at once. Jesus sets up an ordinary situation, then gives it an unexpected twist to make His point. It is important to also understand the culture and context of the story to get the point and move to respond.

  1. In this parable what is the main point? What is the listener expecting to happen? What is the twist?
  2. How does Jesus want the listener (and us) to respond to this parable?
  3. What are “these things” Jesus is referring to in verse 31.
  4. What is Jesus trying to teach us in vv 34-36?
  5. What do you suppose Jesus was doing going up to the Mount of Olives every night? This is during the final week of His life (Sunday-Thursday)


Tuesday, August 14th.  Read Luke 22:7-38

  1. As Jesus tells his disciples where to plan for the passover is He predicting the future or just sharing with them pre-arranged plans he already made? What do you think?
  2. What does he mean in verse 16 about the “fulfillment of the kingdom of God”?
  3. During this Last Super scene Jesus is introducing communion as he shares the meal & cup with his disciples. What is he telling you about the Blood? Body? New Covenant?
  4. How do you think Judas felt as Jesus slipped that little comment into his discourse about someone betraying him?
  5. What was the response of the disciples to Jesus sharing his death? What did Jesus try and tell them about authority, leadership, and greatness? What story does this remind you of that Jesus seems to be referring to?


Wednesday, August 15th.  Read Luke 22:39-71

  1. What kind of temptation is Jesus telling the disciples to pray against?
  2. As Jesus was praying on the mount of Olives it is clear he didn’t want to do it that way, but how did he end up responding to the Father?
  3. Why did He heal the High Priest’s servant’s ear?
  4. What was going on with Peter? Why did he deny Jesus? How did he forget something Jesus talked to him about less than 24 hours previously??
  5. Jesus’ enemy (the chief priests, teachers of the law, Sanhedrin) recognized His claim to be the Son of God, they just didn’t believe him, that’s why they called it blasphemy and worthy of death. What do you think about Jesus’ claim


Thursday, August 16th.  Read Luke 23:1-25

  1. Notice how the Teachers of the Law/Elders/Sanhedrin/Chief priests accused Jesus to Pilate. Did it have anything to do with why they were truly angry at Jesus (see 22:66-71)? Were their charges just & accurate? (see Luke 20:20-26; 22:49-52; John 18:36)
  2. What did the Roman authorities find as they questioned Jesus?
  3. Why were the people so adamant about crucifying Jesus?
  4. Observe how Jesus defended himself in these scenes. How is that a model for us? For further research on Jesus responses to Pilate, Herod, and the Jewish leaders take a look at the other gospel accounts of His trials. (Take note that Jesus is severely weakened by this point, beaten, mocked, and without sleep.)
  5. Where were the disciples? Why weren’t they standing up for Jesus?


Friday, August 17th.  Read Luke 23:26-38

  1. How would you have responded witnessing this scene?
  2. Jesus seems to be referencing something else in his words to the women. What is he referencing and what do these words tell you about his heart and character?
  3. Even amongst the most painful death history has ever devised Jesus still outrageously called for the Father to forgive them. What does that tell you about the heart of our Lord?
  4. Amidst Jesus being the victim of such an injustice, describe his attitude.