Bible Classes


Our Bible Classes are designed to help people understand the bible more fully. Our plan is to offer a variety of classes - from Bible basics to more academic topics.

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New Bible Class on a New Night: "Faith Foundations"

Come and learn the foundations of our faith, growing from the basics of God’s Word to a Deeper Understanding. Topics include repentance, faith towards God, laying on of hands, baptism, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. This class will help you grow from the milk to the meat of God’s word. Join us for 8 weeks starting March 14th, a Thursday! **If you are interested in this class email Pastor Rigo (

  • March 14th thru May 2nd; 7:15-8:30pm
  • At St. Paul's United Methodist Church (in one of the classrooms)
  • Teacher: Pastor Rigo


Last week This Sunday: "God’s Will and Decision-Making"

We all have to make decisions. Some are easy and clear, others are more difficult.  Decisions can affect major or minor parts of our lives. How do YOU make decisions?  Pros and cons? Ask others for help?  Just flip a coin? 

For Christ followers it can be even more complicated. Is this the right thing to do?  Should I take this opportunity?  Is this God’s will for me?  Do my own personal wants and desires matter?  All of this can create anxiety and worry or even paralyze us from doing anything. 

Sound like you?  This six-week class will present a frame of reference for making decisions, particularly the tough ones.  It will explain how God’s will should be considered to help you balance your personal desires versus what God wants you to do.  Please join us for an interactive and fun series.  Note that it’s important to attend as many consecutive sessions as possible because each week builds on the previous week.  See you there.

  • February 17th thru March 24
  • Sunday mornings, 9:15-10am in the K-2nd grade classroom
  • Teacher: Dave Glenn

**There is a certain number of sign-ups needed to launch this class, so RSVP by emailing Pastor